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    Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel
Juno-net is a powerful Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Control System with networking capabilities that facilitate the configuration of complex wide area Fire detection systems. Modular construction and distributed intelligence allow systems of up to 96 Loops to be constructed. With a high level of built in redundancy and emergency back up features the Juno-Net is fully equipped to control the most complex installation.

Using its wide array of interfacing capabilities the Juno-Net is ideally placed to provide an efficient and effective solution to the logistics of protecting large institutions. Universities, Airports, industrial complexes etc which may have many individual Fire Alarm systems but require central reporting and control can easily be accommodated by the advanced Capabilities of the Juno-Net.

Juno-Net is available as a standalone system of up to 12 Loops in a single cabinet and can be expanded to up to 96 Loops via a networked array of su-panels which can be supplied in a blank box version or combined with a repeater to allow remote display and control of the system.

Single Loop Analogue Addressable Control Panel Expandable to Two Loops
The Global Fire's Junior V4 is a single loop Analogue Addressable control panel which can be expanded to two loops. It provides a cost effective solution for small to medium sized installations. The Junior V4 can support up to 125 addressable devices on each loop which are compatible with Apollo, Hochiki Communications protocols.

Using Global Fires advanced communications mechanism up to 32 individually addressed Loop sounder can be connected to each of the junior V4 detection Loops. The Junior V4 also supports shadow sounder and GFE's New Vulcan 2 addressable Sounders - Beacon - Isolator along with all other interface devices. The panel is equipped with a backlit LCD display of 4 rows each with 40 charachters to give clear textual indications of fire / Fault occurrences to the end user. There are also 16 Zone Fire LED indicators. Mini-repeaters can be connected via an RS422/RS485, Fibre Optic or TCP/IP interface to facilitate remote display and control of the system.

Automatic device detection at start up reduces time spent at the commissioning stage. In Installation mode the junior V4 detects and recognises addressed and connected devices with the system being fully oferational in less than two minutes. The default programming ensures that the system is ready to detact fire / fault alerts from the moment that power is applied. Additional programming, to customise the system can be implemented using a laptop PC running the GFE Loader software which is available free of charge on the Global Fire Website.
    Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel
The Orion range of conventional control panels features three models with 2, 4 and 8 Zones of detection. Housed in a stylish modern ABS housing, the Orion is the ideal control panel for smaller installations. Designed and manufactured to comply with the requirements of EN54 parts 2 and 4(1998) the Orion uses active End of Line monitoring to permit head removal protection as required by BS5839. (Detector bases must be fitted with Diode) Programmable Zone coincidence and alarm delay timer (0-10 min) are standard features to help reduce false alarms. The one man test facility enables simple and rapid testing of the system at commissioning and during maintenance operations.
  • Two, four and eight zone non-expandable control panels
  • Up to 32 conventional smoke and/or heat detectors per zone
  • Active End of Line monitoring
  • Programmable non-latching zones
  • Delay timer programmable on/off per zone
  • Zone coincidence programmable for adjacent zones
  • Three Access Levels
  • One man test
  • Supervised auxiliary 24 volt output
  • 2 supervised/ monitored sounder circuits
  • 3 remote inputs used for activation of Class Change, Day/Night mode, and  Reset
  • 2 Relay outputs fire and fault
  • Power supply 1,7A at 28V DC
  • Fully EN54 part 2 and 4 compliant
  • Repeater output
  • Multiplexed output for LEDs and additional relay outputs per zone (GFE-MPX-REL)
  • Addressable Loop Interface card (GFE-ADLI)
    Manual Call Point


The GFE-MCPC is a Conventional Manual Call Point that can be both surface and flush mounted. It is designed and manufactured to comply with EN54-11. A bi-Colour LED flashes Green when the unit is connected to a control panel and is illuminated Red when in Alarm. The unit is supplied complete with a hinged flap which protects the trigger element from accidental activation and reduces malicious activations as two actions are required to activate it. Another convenient feature of the GFE-MCPC is that after an activation the plastic insert is easily reset using the supplied key, replacement is not required. The command to the illuminate the Red LED is emitted by the control panel in response to activation of the individual call point thus confirming that the Alarm signal has been received at the control panel. The individual Address, up to 125, of each call point is set via an eight way DIL switch. The unit is supplied complete with a hinged flap which protects the trigger element from Accidental activation and reduces malicious activations as two actions are required in order to activate the device. This unit can be both surface and flush mounted and it can be easily reset using the supplied key after activation.
    Analogue Addressable Detectors
The GFE-AD series of Analogue Addressable Detectors have been Designed to be fully compatible with the Global fire Equipment Range of intelligent control panels, Junior and Juno-Net. Approved to En54 (parts 5&7) and certified by DIFT for CPD compliance, the GFE-AD series detectors are available in Optical, Heat and combined Smoke/Heat versions.

En54 certificate:
GFE-AD-SL: EN 54 pt7:2000 Certificate no 0845-CPD-232-1483 GFE-AD-HL: EN 54 pt5:2000 Certificate no 0845-CPD-232-1482 GFE-AD-SHL: EN 54 pt5 & pt7:2000 Certificate no 0845-CPD-232-1484


Dual LEDs for 360° visibility
Advanced detection and communication protocols Easy installation and maintenance Sleek low-profile housing
• Durable sensor head, no need for replacement
• SMD circuit board design. High quality and reliability.
• Five year limited warranty
Sensor Base Option: Regular 4 or 5 inch base.
    Conventional Detectors
  • The GFE series conventional detectors have been designed and tested to
  • EN 54 and UL standards.
  • Available in optical smoke, Heat and combined Smoke/Heat detector versions,
  • the GFE conventional detectors are both reliable and aesthetically pleasing.
  • EN 54 certificate:
  • GFE-S-2L: EN54 pt7:2000 Certificate n° 0845-CPD-232-1489
  • GFE-H-2L: EN54 pt5:2000 Certificate r° 0845-CPD-232-1488
  • GFE-SH-2L: EN54 pt5:2000 Certificate n° 0845-CPD-232-1490

Dual LEDs for 360°visibility
Advanced detection and discrimination algorithms
Easy installation and maintenance
Sleek low - profile housing
Durable sensor head, no need for replacement
SMD circuit board design High quality and reliability guaranteed.
Integrated heat detector for GFE-SH-2L
Sensor Base Option: Regular 4 or 5 inch base
Smoke sensitivity: 2.31 +1-1.37 %/FT Obscuration (UL standard), 0.10-0.14 dB/m (EN54 standard)
Coverage:               100 m2 (Smoke), 50m2 (Heat) - Height dependent
Start-Up Current: 160uA Maximum
Alarm Load:            340 ohms + 3 volt drop
Reset Voltage:        less than 1 volt
Reset Time:            less than 1 second
Alarm Indicator:      LED continuously emitting red light
Remote Output:      15mA max., Diode gate
Temperature Range:
-10 C to 5e     0 to 95 % RH, no condensation or icing 100mm (dia) x 46mm (ht) with base Humidity:                      130g/set with base
    Addressable Sounder
Addressable Wall Sounder/ Beacon
The VALKYRIE A is a surface mount Addressable sounder with low power consumption available in either Red or White housings. Up to 32 individually addressed sounders can be installed per loop occupying address 94 to 125. The address is set using switches 1 to 5 of the 8 way DIL switch. Four different tones are available and selected using DIL switches 6 and 7. The Sound level can be lowered if required by setting DIL switch no. 8 to OFF. When individual address reporting is not required, VALKYRIE A can be ordered as a Shadow sounder. In this case sounders do not occupy an address in the loop thus freeing up addresses for more detection devices. Shadow sounders do not report back to the control panel so their presence on the loop is not monitored. Shadow sounders draw current from the loop (4.1mA in alarm) and must be included in loop load calculations.
    Conventional Sounder
Conventional Wall Sounder
The Valkyrie C is a low consumption sounder/ beacon designed to be used as an unobtrusive low profile wall sounder. This improves the aesthetics of the fire alarm system. Four different tones are available and selected using DIL switches 1 and 2. The Sound level can be lowered if required by setting DIL switch no. 4 to OFF.
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