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Fire Alaram System
Global Fire
Morley Fire System
    Morley Fire System
• Simple, user friendly design
• Simple to install
• Intuitive to use
• 2, 4 or 8 Zones
• Walk test
• Enhanced feature set
• Multilingual text inserts
• Designed to comply with EN54 part 2
and part 4.
The Horizon series of conventional control panels has been developed to provide a simple and reliable solution to the demands of today's fire detection solutions. The Horizon range has been designed with both installer and end users requirements in mind.

For installers, Horizon offers an out of the box and on the wall solution. A combination of quick installation, an enhanced feature set and advanced programming allows installers to quickly and simply meet the demands of the user. Equipped with configurable class change inputs, coincidence detection, programmable delays to allow alarm verification and the facility to interface to larger house alarm systems. For end users, clear visible indications, easy to operate functions and a big red key to activate the control buttons, make for simple and unambiguous operation.

Engineered and built to the same high standard as all Morley-IAS control panels, the Horizon system forms an essential part of any fire alarm solution. The Horizon series of conventional control panels has been designed for use in small to medium commercial environments. It is specially suitable for Garages, Retail Units, Shops, Restaurants, Doctor’s surgeries, Public Offices, Nursery Schools,..

Dimensions 318 x 356 x 96 mm (h x w x d)
Weight 2 Kg (approx, no batteries fitted)
Construction Fire retardant, ABS plastic moulded enclosure, sealed to IP30.
Cable entry 18 x 20mm knockouts in top of enclosure. 25 x 50 mm knockout in rear of enclosure.
Operating Temperature +5ºC to +45ºC
Relative Humidity 5% to 95% non condensing. +5ºC to +45ºC
Operating voltage 230 Vac 50/60 Hz (±15%)
Internal Power supply:
Output voltage +18.5 to +28.5 Vdc
Output Current 1.8 Amps maximum
Maximum Alarm load: 1 Amp
Standby Batteries
Minimum capacity 2 x 12 V 2.8Ah
Maximum capacity 2 x 12 V 7 Ah
Standby Battery type
Sealed lead acid.
Detection circuits
2, 4 or 8 detection circuits.
2 mA per circuit (typically >20 detectors).
Approved detectors
Apollo Series 60 wide voltage, Series 65 & Orbis.
Morley-IAS Horizon HRZ Series
System Sensor ECO1000, Series 300 & Vision.
Digital Inputs
2 configurable inputs (Class Change, Alert, Evacuate, Reset).
Digital Input trigger
Extended Closing contact.

Fire System Compatibility

Morley-IAS is fully committed to offering practical solutions and supporting products that enhance your buildings control systems.

Other Supporting Products Include
• Morley-IAS Intelligent Public Address and Voice Alarm Equipment
• Morley-IAS ZX range of networkable analogue addressable Fire Alarm Panels
• Morley-IAS Dimension Analogue Addressable Panels
• Morley-IAS Horizon Conventional Panels
• Morley-IAS Extinguishing Panels
For further details on these or any other Morley-IAS product please contact your local distribution point, Morley-IAS Regional Sales Manager or via our contact details.
Morley-IAS by Honeywell a real choice for fire solutions, committed to supporting our device partners.
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    IQ8 Control M Fire Alarm Panel
    IQ8 Control M Fire Alarm Panel
• Latest processor technology
• Permissible wire length for esserbus up to 3,50 0 m
• Graphically supported powerful programming tool
• Innovative alarm signalling through the new alarm
generation IQ8Quad
• Suppor ts IQ8Wireless RF technology
• Modular device structure
• Networking of up to 31 panels via essernet (500k Baud)
• Up to 7 esserbus loops
• Up to 4 esserbus Plus loops
• EN-54 approval for up to 512 detectors

The fire alarm computer for medium-sized to large premises: flexible, multifunctional and future-proof

The modular IQ8Control M fire alarm panel uses proven technology and fulfils the highest security requirements for the comprehensive protection of premises. Thus, it is just as suitable for use in medium-sized premises with complex security requirements as it is for premises, which are spread over a wide area and are networked.
The IQ8Control M is ideally suited to medium-sized premises with complex security requirements and for premises that cover a wide area and/or are networked. The IQ8Control M is completely compatible with the fire alarm system 8000 control panels. The modular design allows flexible and user-friendly integration of several individual modules, which together form one unit. The system extension with one or more additional modules can be adapted to advanced requirements very easily. This not only simplifies individual planning today, but also, as a result of the FAP's extendibility options, ensures future-proof solutions. If necessary, the control panel software can simply be replaced by an upgrade version via a PC.

Professional loop technology: multi-functional, extendible and economic
The esserbus is a short and open circuit resilient loop, offering highest operational reliability as well as cost saving installation options on account of reduced wiring through combined loop and spur topologies. All single-criterion and multi-criteria detectors can be connected via the esserbus - this includes everything from Series 9000 standard fire detectors to Series 9200 and IQ8Quad intelligent fire detectors.

Flexibility and reliability within the loop structure
The esserbus allows a combined loop and spur structure with a maximum length of 3.5 km. Up to 127 bus devices can be divided in up to 127 detector zones, which guarantees a high degree of planning and application flexibility. Each IQ8 Quad detector is supplied with isolators, while other bus devices can be provided with them optionally. Thus, each bus device remains operational in the case of a wire break or short-circuits. Only the corresponding part of the loop located between the affected bus devices is automatically isolated. IQ8 Control M allows implementation of a maximum of 7 esserbus loops or 4 powered loops. The esserbus transponders are bus devices with freely programmable inputs and outputs for controlling and monitoring external devices or for connecting special detectors. Sensors integrated in single detectors within the esserbus system are subject to manual or time-related activation /deactivation. The esserbus is suitable for transmitting alarm, fault and maintenance signals. In addition, the location of each detector within the bus system can be allocated with an appropriate text display.
Logged security
Each event is logged to the second by the IQ8Control M fire alarm computer. A maximum of 10,000 events can be verified at any time and can be read out via an optional printer connection within the control panel or via the tools 8000 programming software.
Within the essernet system up to 31 devices such as control panels, indicating and operating panels, gateways as well as electronic emergency plans can be networked irrespective of hierarchical levels. Events and reports are available for all devices when connected to the essernet.
Easy installation and operation
The tools 8000 service and programming software package guarantees fast commissioning. The settings are programmed directly at the control panel via a PC / notebook. Only essential information is displayed, which considerably facilitates system operations. When connected to the essernet, decentralised operation is also possible. Optionally, alarm and status information can be displayed via single zone indicators at the control panel, via decentralised graphic layout panels or plain text displays. It can also be printed out using remote printers or the printer integrated in the control panel.
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